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Guide to change your name color by Shionchan

Greetings Shinobies.


Many of you may wonder how to turn your name bluepurple even gold. Here’s a short guide on how you do it.

  • If your intention is turning your name blue, your task is to finish the first S.Ability page1st sability scroll
  • For the purple name you have to fully complete the second page of S.Ability2nd sability scroll
  • As for the gold/yellow name, you have to finish the 3rd S.Ability sheet, which turns your name gold once you  open the last skill/stat spot.

3rd sability scroll

Here’s a few tips on how to get ability points in game:

  1. You get a certain amount of ability points from your daily salary, which you can claim at the top left corner of your game screen.

 daily salary

You can claim that once a day, or each time your Ninja Rank changes, so make sure you claim it BEFORE you upgrade your rank.

  1. You also receive ability points from clearing a stage on map for the first time (eg. during in game quests), or clearing the ninja trials for the first time (ChuninExam, AkatsukiLair, KageTrials, etc.)


  1. You may also get ability points during events, during the Shinobi Rebel Counter-Attack event 

shinobi rebel

you have a chance to drop 500 ability points if you defeat a rebel.

  1. Another way to get ability points is to rank in top 10 of the Shinobi Rebel Event, or the Beast Battle events 

other event

  1. The last way is getting ability points from events, such as in game events (popular events, top up events).


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