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[Guide] The Lost Towers

Greetings Shinobies


Today we will be looking at basic guide regarding the Lost Towers Feature. The Lost Towers are special areas that open for shinobies once they reach lv 75. Inside lost towers, shinobies can obtain spars that we used in equipment enchament (and you will need A LOT of them)

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The lost towers are divided into 6 towers each open up once shinobies reach the level requirement. And each tower will give shinobies different kind of spars depending on it’s requirement level. Also remember that shinobies have limited number of exploration and there is life limit that will reduce if you lose a fight inside the tower, so choose which tower to explore wisely.

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Inside the lost towers, shinobies must defeat the guardian of the tower to win the spars. Once the guardian were defeated you can auto-challenged them once per day to obtain the spars.

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Now that you have spars, you can use them to enchant those special ninja gear. Keep in mind that not all equipment can be enhance. The equipment you obtain via treasure house is one of the equipment that can be enhance.

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Enhancing equipment will cost you spars and there is a chance for enhance to fail. If the enhance fail, the spars used will be lost. But by enhancing your equipment, it will receive significant boost along with it’s fortification.