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[Guide] Tailed Beast by DJNamie


Greetings Shinobies

Today, we will be looking at the guide summon beast leveling cost made by Blue Spades. First of all, Summon is available after completing a quest at level 21. The first summon you will receive is the one-tail Shukaku. To get the next summon, you need to reach level 10 for each summon (ie. to get two-tail Matatabi you need to have a level 10 Shukaku).

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You can raise its level by boosting with either silver, gold / coupons, or channeling scrolls. If you choose advanced boost, it will automatically use your currency in this order: channeling scrolls -> coupons -> gold.

Each boost with silver costs 15,000, with a chance of an S Crit for 10x EXP. Each boost with gold / coupon / scroll costs 10 gold or coupons, or one scroll, with 120% silver boost’s exp, a chance of S Crit for 10x EXP, and chance at L Crit that directly boosts 1 level of soul.

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The summoned beast’s statistic boosts are only active during Arena, Konoha Conquest, Konoha Defense, Suppress Beasts, and Rebeller’s Attack.  They do not affect Realm, Trials, Top Kages nor normal combat stages.

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You can choose to display your summoned beast, or hide ied informt.  You should always display it.  The wording ingame sounds as though you keep all statistic boosts even when your beast is hidden, but this is not the case.  What you can do, is revert the look of your beast to a previous version.  If you have a sanbi (three-tail) and do not like the model, you can make it look like a nibi (two-tail).

Below are the cost for each level of tailed beast


Source:: http://goo.gl/EfoWa0