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[Guide] Taboo Jutsu


Greetings Shinobies

Today we will be showing you guide on Taboo Jutsu feature. Taboo Jutsu is high level feature. It can be accessed once you’ve done your first reincarnation (in other word 1 Ri Lv 1). Taboo Jutsu purpose is to raise certain stats of your ninja by equipping scrolls on special Taboo Jutsu slots.

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The scrolls need to be crafted/synthesize first and the materials you needed to do so can be gain from Land of Taboo.

There are 5 different scrolls, each of them have 7 ranks. The higher their rank the bigger stat boost and more scrolls can be equipped. Each scrolls will grant boost to certain stats so making priority is a good idea.

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And if you manage to fill in all slots, you will get an additional boost!!

Here are the information you need to know

  1. To obtain materials for making Taboo Jutsu, you need to challenge the Land of Taboo
  2. There are 5 Taboo Jutsu and each have 7 ranks.
  3. After completing one rank of Taboo Jutsu, extra bonus effects will be received.
  4. Inherit Taboo Jutsu will move all the jutsus from 1 ninja to another. Any excess will be lost.
  5. Chances to reset the Land of Taboo are unlock based on the level of the Kaguya Power.
  6. Only one stage of the land of Taboo can be challenged daily. You can choose only one difficult level of a stage to challenge daily.
  7. After clearing all three difficulty levels of a stage, rewards for the stage can be received.
  8. Challenge successfully for a chance to receive rewards in the drop list.
  9. Auto challenge will choose the highest level of each cleared stage to battle automatically.

There are 5 Taboos, each of them can enhance one specific stat of your ninjas.

  • Taboo Endurance = HP
  • Taboo Elegance = Speed
  • Taboo Rage = Physical/Strategy Attack
  • Taboo Barrier = Physical Defense
  • Taboo Shield = Strategy Defense

Every Taboo has 7 Ranks and each Rank has increasing number of slots (from 4 to 10) which you can fill with crafted taboos. Every time you put crafted taboo in the slot, you will “learn” it, which will raise related stat by certain amount of points.

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Each Rank and every kind of Taboo needs specific crafted taboos, so for example you can’t put crafted Rank-5 Taboo Endurance into the Rank-2 slot for Taboo Barrier.

Once you put crafted taboo in the slot, you can’t take it away and give it to anyone else. And when you “learn” whole Rank (fill all of its slots), you will also get some additional bonus related to the Taboo under which the Rank belongs. Here are the details for how many stat increase per slot filled and bonus gain once you filled all the slots

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Before you can create a scrolls you will need 5 Occult Scrolls, 25 Horns and 8 Stones of corresponding jutsu and ranks. These items can be obtain from the Taboo Land. There are 7 Taboo Land, each of them gives material for corresponding material for certain scroll

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Once you choose your challenge in some of the Lands, you can’t change it and go to fight to another Land until the server reset (00:00 server time), so choose carefully.
There is 1 free challenge per day, so if you are strong enough, you can beat one Land per day.
Those who have active Kaguya Power can buy reset options with up to 3 daily resets, based on their Kaguya Power Level (so they can beat up to 4 Lands per day).

When you enter the challenged Land, there are 6 Stages with fights against enemy teams. Stage 3 and Stage 6 include even the named ninja (miniboss).

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During one challenge, you can visit each Stage only once, but you have unlimited attempts to beat it. Once you win in the Stage, you are rewarded with random amount and type of craft material (but still only in Rank related to the selected Land) and next Stage within the Land is unlocked for you. You can select difficulty level of the fight for each Stage separately via the Switch button.

Higher difficulty gives you more material when you win selected Stage, but the fight is also much harder.Once you clear some Stage in all 3 difficulties, you can also claim the clearance bonus reward (enough material to craft one taboo in Rank related to the selected Land). But be aware that higher difficulties are harder than even lower difficulties in higher Lands.

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Inherit in taboo jutsu works in similar way with inherit in potency. Where transmitter will ‘lose’ all the scrolls equipped and inheritor will receive it all. No reduction. EXCEPT if your inheritor already have scrolls equipped and result of inherit will exceed maximum slot. All the excess will lost.

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For example: Neji have all 4 rank 1 taboo jutsu and you want to inherit it to Hinata who have 1 rank 1 taboo scroll. The result will be Neji lose all his rank 1, Hinata will max her rank 1 but you lose 1 rank 1 scroll.

So be careful when inheriting, otherwise you’ll lose some of your hard earned scrolls