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[Guide] Spiritual Beast by DJ Namie


Greetings Shinobies

Today we will give you a basic guide regarding Spiritual Beast. Why do you need to raise a Spiritual Beast? Because Spiritual Beasts have many benefits if you raise them properly, let’s go through them one by one:

      1. Spiritual Beast can boost all ninja’s corresponding attributes in the array.
      2. Spiritual Beast’s Total Attributes equal 100% Main Spiritual Beast’s attributes + Support Beast’s attributes. Support Beast’s attributes equal The total Support Beast’s Attributes * percent [1 Support Beast(20%), 2 Support Beast's(25%), 3 Support Beast's(30%), 4 Support Beast's(40%).
      3. Spiritual Beast can level up by being raised and evolve when it is raised to evolvable level.
      4. Spiritual Beast evolves differently with different evolution odds.
      5. Use Lucky Talisman of different quality can raise the success rate of evolving the pet to the corresponding quality.
      6. Each evolution allows to place up to 3 types of Luck Talisman and 99 per type at the same time.
      7. Spiritual Beast will get Evolution Points if it successfully evolves. The Lucky Talisman consumed during the evolution will also add the Evolution Points that can be used to summon high quality Spiritual Beast in the Evolution Shop.
      8. Some Evolution Points will be returned if the Spiritual Beast is discarded. The Spiritual Beast cannot be found once it is discarded.
      9. Players can buy Evolution Scrolls of different quality in the Shop.
      10. Summon Scroll and Leap Rune Stone are available in the Shop. Use the Summon Scroll can get you a pet.


Well that's all about the basic benefits of raising a Spiritual Beast, let's move on to the interface. Spiritual Beast interface is divided into 4 tabs.

      1. Spiritual Formation
      2. Spiritual Beast
      3. Raise
      4. Evolve


At start, players are given 2 slots for their pets. The number of slots correspond to the number of eggs, and subsequently pets a player can obtain. Players can then pay silver or gold to unlock more slots. At most, players can have 12 slots. Below are the cost of each slots:

        1. Free
        2. Free
        3. 100,000 silver
        4. 50 gold
        5. 100 gold
        6. 200 gold
        7. 400 gold
        8. 600 gold
        9. 600 gold
        10. 600 gold
        11. 600 gold
        12. 600 gold

Bonus Stats

Are the stats pets channels to every ninja in the formation. Bonus stats are displayed on the right corner of the tab. Bonus stats are the total stats of the host pet (100%) + the support pet(s)’s stats (~%).Stats boosted are: P.Atk, P.Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Speed, and HP.


Button displays on and off the host pet. When on, the egg or the pet is displayed and is visible floating beside the Main character’s avatar on the village interface. When off, the egg or the pet is not visible in the village interface but the bonus stats are still on function.
Button discards the selected pet and is gone forever. Pets on raise mode (training mode) cannot be discarded.
Button displays the pet’s description which contains various information about the pet.


Raise Mode
Is the only source of EXP for pets to level up. Raising pet to designated level enables the pet to evolve into its next form.

Your pets will evolve into another form randomly. In here, the forms they could evolve to are displayed. The probability of evolving into certain forms are also displayed. Below is the display of the pet to be evolved and the Evolve command button.
Evolution points are also showed. This refers to the point gained by the player when evolving pets and also by using Evolution scrolls. Evolution points are then exchanged to get a new egg, or if the player has enough, buy high rank pets.
Buy Scrolls
Opens the Mall interface where scrolls of different rank are displayed.
Shows the evolution tree of spiritual beasts.
Shows the Evolution Point shop. In here, players can purchase eggs and evolved pets using required evolution points.
Leap Rune Stone
Reduces 30 mins of spiritual training time immediately.
Primary Egg Summon Scroll
Get one spiritual beast egg of normal quality
Green Evolution Scroll
Increase the success rate of evolving to a green spiritual beast by a certain degree; Using one can add 1 evolution point.
Blue Evolution Scroll
Increase the success rate of evolving to a blue spiritual beast by a certain degree; Using one can add 2 evolution point.
Purple Evolution Scroll
Increase the success rate of evolving to a purple spiritual beast by a certain degree; Using one can add 6 evolution point.

Here you can see which route your Spiritual Beast might take once you evolved him/her

Here you can buy a spiritual beasts’ egg or even Spiritual Beast Toad Ken or Enma by paying a certain amount of Evolution point.