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[Guide] Soul Array


Greetings Shinobi

Today we will be talking about new feature in Anime Ninja, Soul Array. Soul Array will allow your summoned beast (Bijuu) to release skills during activities and some PvP features. It can be accessed once your main character reach lv 1 Ri 20 and located on Summoned Beast Window.

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Keep in mind that to use the Soul Array skill in battle, you need to keep your summoned beast displayed.

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There are 3 arrays that can be activated total. 2 of them, Scale & Shape Array, will require future update items so you can ignore it for now and activate Snake Array instead

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All soul arrays can be leveled up. You can access panel the leveling panel by clicking attached soul button.

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To level up soul arrays you will need Soulstones or Silvers. Leveling using silver can be done 10 times a day and will cost 200.000 Silvers and grant 10 Exp each time

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Soulstones will grant 50 Exp each time you use them. To acquire soulstone, you can exchange channeling scrolls or soul refining pills for soulstone (13 ea for 1 soulstone). Alternatively, you can also buy a bag or soulstones with 600 Gold (coupon cannot be used) or as reward for 120 Points on Daily Task

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Leveling Soul Array will provide additional stat boost and increase skill effect (additional buff or debuff and increased damage)

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