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[Guide] Six Path Arcanum

Greetings Shinobies


Today, we will be looking at the six path arcanum guide. The Six Path Arcanum are special training place for shinobies to practice their connection with the tailed beast available when shinobi reach level 100. By praticing in Six Path Arcanum, shinobies can get huge boost on their stat once their connection with the tailed beast reach certain level.

window 1

In order to increase connection with the tailed beast, shinobies needs the practice pills. To obtain these pills, shinobies must defeat the guardian within the six path arcanum. Once defeated, shinobies can claim the pills once every day.

window 2

After the connection of a tailed beast reach maximum level, shinobies can do a breakthrough practice to start a new connection with higher level tail beast.


Keep in mind that breakthrough require promotion pills. In addition, breakthrough may fail. Should it fail, you will lose the promotion pills you used to do the breakthrough. There is an option to have 100% success rate of breakthrough, the force breakthrough. Force Breakthrough, will cost you golds and promotion pills.

And unlike the tail beast summoning which only increase the primary stats (force, chakra, agility, etc-), the six path arcanum practice also increase shinobies’ damage rate, avoid rate, punch rate, and aid rate. So it’s really worth to invest some time to practice on six path arcanum.