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[Guide] Shinobi Wing


Greetings Shinobies

Today we will be showing you the basic and some advance stuff regarding Anime Ninja new feature, Ninja Wing.

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For starters, Ninja Wing training will appear after long and diligent training. Compressing and manifesting Ninja Wing is not easy you know? Originally, these technique can only be done by akimichi clan. The akimichi clan possess great physical strength and are able to quickly convert calories into chakra, which they then use in their various secret techniques. One of these technique is compressing and concentrate their chakra to their fist, adding extra power to their hand-to-hand combat power.


The intensely concentrated chakra that is gained, leaks out from the backbone and becomes visible through friction with the shoulder blade, making it have appearance like a butterfly wing. Our Ninja Wings use same theory.



However, unlike Akimichi clan, our character chakra reserve is huge enough. And after training to Lv 110, we’re able to manifest our own Ninja Wing (without getting or using extra calories) and it’s very different from Akimichi clan’s wing. Here are the difference

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Unlike Akimichi’s our Ninja Wing can progress even further after we manifest it. We will be able to improve our Ninja Wing by using Enhance method. Enhancing method require Colorful Plume to be done. If you don’t have it, you can use Silvers or Gold as substitute. However, there is a limit on how much Silvers can be used. You can use silvers only 20 times and cost 50.000 Silvers for each training.

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if you have Colorful Plume, you can use Feather Enhance or Bulk Enhance instead. Colorful Plume can be obtained from Firewing Cave Instance. It will be consumed every time you Feather Enhance or Bulk Enhance.

Unlike Silver Enhance, Feather Enhance have a chance for Small or Big Crit which add more exp to your Ninja Wing. Small crit add 2x Exp ( 20 -> 40) while big crit add 5x Exp (20 -> 100).

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if you are out of Colorful Plume, you may use Gold to Enhance instead. It will cost you 20 Gold for each Enhance you do. Also using Gold will grant you a bit more crit chance.

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Your Ninja Wing will grant you AND your team mate bonus stat. In the beginning, only basic stats get bonus. But as your wing grows stronger, it will give more type of stat bonus. Your Ninja Wing can grow in form of stars and rank. star exp will increase every time you enhance your ninja wing, while rank increase every 10 star level

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The last thing that differentiate your Ninja Wing with Akimichi’s. Your Ninja Wing will change it looks once it reach certain rank and can be shown in the map!! You can show your Ninja Wing once it hit rank-1: 3☆

Also there is one special form for Ninja Wing called Fire Phoenix Wing.

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This wing can be accessed when your Ninja Wing reach rank 3: 10☆ using 2 different method:

  1. Obtain and use Heaven Shaking Stone. You can obtain Heaven Shaking Stone from Firewing Cave along with the Colorful Plume. To activate Fire Phoenix Wing you need 200 of this
  2. Use Gold as substitute of Heaven Shaking Stone. Each Heaven Shaking Stone is valued at 100 Gold. So if you have 0 Heaven Shaking Stone it cost 20.000 Gold (200 Required stones * 100 Gold)

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If you need Colorful Plume then you should head to Firewing Cave instance. Firewing Cave have 3 different difficulties, Normal, Hard and Nightmare.

Each mode will contain 20 fights, 16 mob fights and 4 boss fights. Boss will be:

  • Otsutsuki Momoshiki
  • Sasori Deidara
  • Hidan Kakuzu
  • Guy Kakashi

Mob fight will drop Colorful Plume in various amount while boss fight will drop Colorful Plume and Heaven Shaking Stone.

You can auto each mode whether you have cleared all the fight or not. Also you can reset the instance once a day but to do so you need to be in VIP 8