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[Guide] Sage Heirloom

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Today we’ll be guiding you through Sage Heirloom feature. Sage Heirloom is a function for reincarnated players (1 Ri and above). This feature gives similar reward as Ninja Crusade which are Exp points, Silvers and material for Accessories crafting.

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So in case you’re wondering, where to get better accessories after the Lv 140 Crusade, Sage Heirloom is the answer for that.

Here are the basic things about Sage Heirloom

  1. Sage Heirloom is available at 1 Ri Lv 1
  2. Challenge the instance to get materials for Ri Accessories forging.
  3. Hermit instance for 1 Ri accessories materials while Oracle instances for 2 Ri accessories
  4. You can challenge each instance once a day. If your kaguya power level is high enough and activate you can have more challenge chance by resetting (cost coupon/gold)

There are 2 different instance in Sage Heirloom, Hermit & Oracle. Hermit instance is available at start and will give you material for 1 Ri Accessories, while Oracle will be available once you reach 2 Ri and will give you material for 2 Ri accessories too.

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Each instance have 8 stage divide into 4 normal enemy stage and 4 boss stage. You only to clear these stage once, after that you can auto clear it everyday at least once

Forge is where you create the Ri accessories. To do so you will need spars and corrseponding material for each accessories.

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Adv forge is where you upgrade your Ri accessories. By ‘upgrade’ it means once you’ve done the accessory will have higher base stat and better set bonus effect. You will need spars and materials for upgrade too.

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Fortify in Sage Heirloom works exactly the same as accessories fortify. It increase accessory’s stat for each fortify it have. Just like accessories fortify, you will need spars and specific materials to start fortify