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[Guide] Rinne Path

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Greetings Shinobies

Today we will cover our newly open feature, the Samsara Land. First thing first, Samsara Land can be accessed once shinobies reach level 100. Samsara Land is a special location where shinobies have to face powerful ninjas from all over the land.

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Shinobies may challenge Samsara Land once per day. Even if you lose the fight you can go in again on the same land. The Fight will be 1 vs 1 between main character and the guarding ninja. Should you win, you will get Samsara stone as reward

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In addition if shinobies manage to defeat all 10 ninjas, he/she can spin the wheel of fate once. The Wheel of Fate will grant a permanent boost to your main character and can be spun every time you complete a challenge.

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As mentioned above, shinobies will get samsara stones as reward for winning a fight. The stone can be used on Rinne Path where shinobies can boost their stats by progressing down on path of six sage.

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Once you light all the magatama beads, you will progress to a new path which will grant even greater boost to your stats.