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Guide: Recruiting Reanimated Hashirama


Greetings Shinobies

Today’s guide is about basic stuff of the newest ninja in S Ninja Club, Reanimated Hashirama. Reanimated Hashirama is one of 2 recently added ninjas on S Ninja Club (the other being Susanoo Madara). Positioned as Assaulter and have talent which boost speed of whole team mate while decreasing opponent status, Reanimated Hashirama is a must have Ninja in your rooster!!


Just like Susanoo Madara Reanimated Hashirama also have status, talent and skill that on par with latest ninjas such as  Kakuzu Hidan and Kushina Minato.


Furthermore Reanimated Hashirama is a member of S Ninja Club which means he can be upgrade to improve his combat capabilities even further!! When Reanimated Hashirama upgraded into Sage Hashirama his status, talent and skill are improved to the point that he can stand equally with those event ninjas



Similar to Susanoo Madara, Reanimated Hashirama can be recruited on S Ninja Club once you’ve done 2nd reincarnation (Guide for reincarnation can be read here)


To recruit Reanimated Hashirama, you will needed 1200 Ri Recruit Proof.


Ri Recruit Proof can be obtained from Treasure Map (once you reincarnated) or trade it using General Recruit Proof


It should be noted that only 10 Ri Recruit Proof can be redeemed each day.unnamed-qq-screenshot20170316152445

The other alternative is to buy the Ri Recruit Proof with gold. 1 Ri Recruit Proof = 100 Gold (not advisable. AT.ALL)


Just like Susanoo MadaraReanimated Hashirama is a very very strong ninja. So try to recruit him as soon as possible since he’ll be a valuable asset for your team!!