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[Guide] Potency Advance and Reincarnation


Greetings Shinobies

Today we will be looking at Potency Advance Feature. This feature available early on but useful even when you reached high level. Especially once you reach Lv 120, you want your potency on pretty high so you can access the Reincarnation form

Potency Advance split into 2 parts:

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This is the Potency Boost window. Potency Boost have certain things to know which is listed below:

  1. Each ninja (Main character included) has their Potency Level.
  2. Players can spend some materials to covert to Potency EXP, increasing ninja’s Potency Level, the cap of which cannot exceed the current ninja level.
  3. Potency Level automatically adds physical attack power or strategy attack power based on the ninjas’ main attributes.
  4. Players can spend some Silver or Gold to transfer a ninja’s Potency EXP to another ninja. As the ninja’s Potency Level Cap cannot exceed the current ninja level, the EXP exceeding the ninja’s Potency Level will vanish.
  5. Currently Konoha Conquest, Daily Task and Daily Check-In can net you items to convert to Potency EXP. Accesories gained from Ninja Crusade can also be converted.
  6. Ninjas can get all Potency Levels that cannot be higher than the levels of the upgraded ninjas after upgrading in the Ninja Club.

As your potency level increase, so does your attribute bonus. As of now, each potency level boost the following attribute:

  • Physical/Strategy Attack (depending on the ninja)
  • Physical Defense
  • Strategy Defense
  • Speed
  • HP

To increase potency you can use the following items:

  • Potency Pills (these items will grant better exp compared to other)
  • Material for making equipment or accessories
  • Accessories from Ninja Crusade


Reincarnation will boost all your stats significantly, gives you 1 additional skill at first reincarnation and 2 skills on second reincarnation for the main character. Also you get to choose your talent, which will increase your stat even further. And as added bonus, your character will get new cool look

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To do reincarnation, first your main character must reach level 120 and potency lv 100. You will also need Feather Crystal which can be obtain by trading your daily check in point or by buying on the item mall. Once all is set you can do reincarnation.

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After having your main character reincarnated, you can also reincarnate your other ninjas but they won’t be as cool as the main character.

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And remember you can pick a talent after reincarnate by paying 50 Golds or Coupons. Both main character and allied ninjas can do this.

window 4

There are 4 talents you can choose and ranging from Lv 1 to Lv 9:

  1. Super Strength (increase Force)
  2. Telekinesis (increase Chakra)
  3. Teleportation (increase Agility)
  4. Strong Body (increase Power)

As i said before, there are 2 stage of reincarnation. 2nd reincarnation can be done once your character reach 1 Ri Lv 50

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2′nd Reincarnation can be done once your reincarnated character reach 1 Ri Lv 50 on both Character Level and Potency Level.

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2′nd reincarnation will grant you more stat boost and give 3 new skills for the main character. No new looks though…

So your potency pills should be focused first on your main character. This is because you must Reincarnate your main character first before you can reincarnate others. So do your best and unlock your Main character hidden potential!!