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[Guide] Potency Advance

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Greetings shinobies

Today we will be looking at one of our basic but important feature in Anime Ninja, the Potency Advance. So what is potency advance? Potency advance is a feature that unlock unlock once player reach level 32 and it’s very useful to¬†increase a ninja combat capability by using potency pills.

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There are 5 type of potency pills:

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  • Small Potency Pill
  • Medium Potency Pill
  • Big Potency Pill
  • Advanced Potency Pill
  • Super Potency Pill

You can obtain potency pills from Treasure Hunt, Daily Check in exchange, Konoha Conquest reward, Daily task reward and sometimes from the event (either sold or obtain for free).

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Other that potency pills, you can also use accessories you obtain from ninja crusade too but they won’t give lots of points.¬†Also if you recently obtain a new ninja and want to boost his/her potency as soon as possible, you can inherit potency from ninja you’ll put in reserve so you don’t need to find potency pills in hurry.

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But keep in mind that inheriting potency only transfer a percentage of current potency. Please note that you need silvers or golds to do inheritance.

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Finally keep in mind that potency levels cannot exceed current ninja level (example: Minato is level 30 so he can only increase his potency up to level 31 at most).And any point that exceed level cap will be lost.