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[Guide] Occult Training

Greetings Shinobi


Today we will be looking at some high level feature, the Occult Training. Shinobies may start Occult Training on level 90. Occult training is a special training for shinobies to choose a skill that will give the main character a buff which boost one of your stats AFTER dealing a normal attack.

occult window

To obtain a skill, shinobies must search for corresponding spirits with the skills. There are 9 spirits in total, with the universe spirits can be substitute for ANY spirits

Example: You have 900 Wind Spirits and 100 Universe Spirits. The OT Wind Lv 2 cost 1,000 WInd Spirits. Even though you only 900 Wind Spirits, you can still learn OT Wind Lv 2 because you have 100 Universe Spirits to cover the Wind Spirits

Now how do we obtain the spirits? Just press on ‘Acquire Material’ button on bottom left then you will be taken to Spirit Harvest window

training 2

There are 3 type of training, Normal, Fine and Epic. Normal training will cost 100,000 Silver, Fine will cost you 20 Gold while Epic will cost you 500 Golds. The price is not the only difference between type of trainings. Normal training may cause certain spirits Lv to increase while other decrease. Fine training will immediately give you Lv 10 of all spirits. Epic training on the other hand will give you Lv 10 Universe Spirits ( with total of 400 Universe Spirits you can spend)

Remember, you have to reset the harvest AFTER you took the spirits. You have 3 free reset each day. Additional Reset will cost you 20 Golds

Once you train an OT Skill, click on it to equip it and then you’re good to go

example 1battle