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[Guide] Ninja Reincarnation

Greetings Shinobies


Today we will be looking at the Reincarnation feature, which added few months ago.

  • what is the point of doing reincarnation?

Reincarnation will boost all your stats significantly, gives you 1 additional skill at first reincarnation and 2 skills on second reincarnation for the main character. Also you get to choose your talent, which will increase your stat even further. And as added bonus, your character will get new cool look

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  • How to do reincarnation?

To do reincarnation, first your main character must reach level 120 and potency lv 100. You will also need Feather Crystal which can be obtain by trading your daily check in point or by buying on the item mall.

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Once all is set you can do reincarnation.

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After having your main character reincarnated, you can also reincarnate your other ninjas but they won’t be as cool as the main character.

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And remember you can pick a talent after reincarnate by paying 50 Golds or Coupons. Both main character and allied ninjas can do this.

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There are 4 talents you can choose and ranging from Lv 1 to Lv 9:

1. Super Strength (increase Force)

2. Telekinesis (increase Chakra)

3. Teleportation (increase Agility)

4. Strong Body (increase Power)

  • You mentioned 2′nd reincarnation before. How can i do it?

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2′nd Reincarnation can be done once your reincarnated character reach 1 Ri Lv 50.

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2′nd reincarnation will grant you more stat boost and give 3 new skills for the main character