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[Guide] Ninja Hotel


Greetings Shinobies

Do you ever feel having too much ninja in your current team? Want to recruit new Ninja but don’t want to dismiss your old Ninjas? Then Ninja Hotel is the Answer!!


Ninja Hotel is a feature that available once you reach Lv 20 in Anime Ninja. Ninja Hotel allows you to send your ninjas on vacation, making extra space available for new ninjas. Of course in case you need their strength once again, you can recall them

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Here are the details

  • Ninja Hotel unlocks once the player reach Lv.20.
  • Ninja Hotel allows you to store ninjas you might want to keep but not have in your team.
  • Once you remove a ninja from your team he/she will automatically be moved to the ninja hotel.
  • When a ninja is in the hotel you can either have them rejoin your team for gold/coupons based on the color of the ninja, or dismiss them and get 20% of the cost for the ninja back (Tavern ninjas only).Example you recruit Hashirama Senju for 2000 Gold Souls if you dismiss him you will get 400 Gold Souls back.
  • The hotel will start with 5 slots as you level up you will unlock more slots, each 10 level will grant you one additional slot up til Lv.110. VIP will also give you additional slots.