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[Guide] Ninja Hotel

Greetings Shinobies

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Today we will be looking at one of our recently added feature, the Ninja Hotel. Unlike most other feature where shinobies get a boost for their stats, Ninja Hotel function as support feature. The main function for ninja hotel is for temporary place for ninjas you want to replace for a while for what ever reason you might have (your team is full but you want to bring another member, trying new formation, etc). The benefit of Ninja Hotel is, you can always recall back the ninja without losing anything at any time for a certain amount of cost.

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To access Ninja Hotel, shinobies need to reach level 20. To put a ninja at ninja hotel, simply press the leave button on under the ninja portrait. Don’t worry, this way the ninja won’t leave you forever. He/she just move to ninja hotel. Also don’t forget to remove any equipment, accessories and S weapon from the ninja.

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Should you want to take the ninja back, you need to pay their staying cost. It will cost you 300 Golds/Coupons to take a ninja back. So think carefully before you send a ninja on holiday.