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[Guide] Ninja Crusade

Greetings Shinobies

Today we will be looking at Ninja Crusade guide made by: [A] S1

So, in Ninja Crusade Everyday you have 10 tries and it won’t stack with next day tries, so try to use all your tries every day.
In Ninja crusade, we can get us  Accessories, EXP and sliver which is a different kind of equipment. Each of these accessories adds different stats. Headwear and necklace gives you force, Jade pendant and Amulet gives you chakra, Bracelet gives you agility and Gloves + Ring gives you HP. With a set of 2/2 accessories it will give you an set effect.

If you are able to win normal modes, you will be able to get the left side of the accessories depending on what they give you. After completing the normal mode, it will allow you to fight the hard mode. Hard mode will allow you to collect the right hand side of the accessories.

So now let?s go into how the fight works.
Basically it is still a full fight, IT IS NOT A 1V1 FIGHT. You can check the report at the top which shows that you have win or lose. Please do not be mistaken by the animation.
Every time you win a match your HP that is lost from the previous match will not be recover so this is a like a survival match where you need to survive all 6 opponents while killing them ( SOLO ) Advice would be going in with a full team, 2 more player so that your chance of winning will be higher !
Fortifying your accessories

You can go to this page by clicking this arrow at the corner.
So basically you can fortify this accessories to a higher level so that they are able to give a higher boost. So fortifying cost 0 sliver! However it needs the correct materials to fortify it 1 level. For example the picture above you will see what is needed there as such collect them to fortify them!

Upgrades is like getting a SForge equipment, So you get better stats if you able to upgrade it. It is definitely worth upgrading as the stats added is much more higher, However the material you need for upgrading is a lot so it might take some time for you to collect it.

The transfer meant that you are able to transfer left over mats to the next level of material provided you reach the level that is required.
Lastly about shadow clones !

So at the right side of the corner you are able to give a tick to someone if you want them or allow them to use your shadow clone. If someone uses your shadow clone you would not get any reward ! So it is like charity.
So this is where you would be able to use someone shadow clone. Click this and this will come out

So people that allowed you to use their shadow clone would appear here ! However each person only have 5 shadow clones per day as such if someone else beat you in using it then you can?t use it anymore!

Credit  by: [A] S1

Link: http://forum.playwebgame.com/en/showthread.php?23504-Guide-for-Ninja-Crusade