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[Guide] Ninja Bond

Greetings Shinobi


Today we will be looking at our newest feature, The Ninja Bond. Ninja Bond grant stat boost to ninja on designated roles (Vanguard, Assaulter, Support) or even all of your teams.

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To activate a certain bond, you need to recruit the required ninjas. For example on kage bonds section, for Hokage Bond you need Sarutobi, Tobirama and Minato in your group (not formation) also the ninja may be kept on hotel after you activate the respective bonds.

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If you activate more than one bond, you will receive additional stat bonus. In addition once you activate a bond, you can increase the bond level to boost the stat bonus given by the bond.

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To level up a bond, you can use the souls you obtain from janken. The increase are as following::

  • 10 Blue Souls will increase 100 Friendship Points

  • 10 Purple Souls will increase 222 Friendship Points

  • 10 Gold Souls will increase 650 Friendship Points

  • 10 Golds will increase 150 Friendship Points