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[Guide] Lost Artifact

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Today we will be looking at Lost Artifact features. Lost Artifact is a way to improve your S Weapon even further after it reach Quality 10 Lv 10 which in turn grant you more status to your character and Ninjas. Here are the guides on Lost Artifact Maze and Quality 11 S Weapon

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1. The feature will be available when the player reaches RI1 Lv1.

2. Quality 10 S Weapon can be upgrade even further into Quality 11 using materials from Lost Artifacts. The Q11 S Weapon can be upgraded with Enhance Talismans and the Lost Jades.

3. Challenging Maze will give you Lost Jades. Maze can be accessed once per day. While VIP 7 and above have option to reset once per day. Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170322171354 4. Triggering any event in the Maze will give you additional points. Once you reach the exit the maze, you will get Lost Jades in accordance to your accumulated points. The more points you have, the more rewards you will receive.

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5. If you didn’t reach the exit, the lost jades will not be given and the maze will remain at the last state when you leave it until you reset or exit 6. If you ran out of action points or need more for your plan, then you can buy additional action points. 1 action point cost 10 Gold and on 3rd purchase it’s cost will increase by 10 Gold per each purchase (20, 30, 40 and so on)

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1. If you have S weapon quality 10 Lv 10, you can upgrade it into s weapon quality 11 using lost jades

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2.Once upgraded your Q 10 Lv 10 Sweapon will become Quality 11 S Weapon Lv 0

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3. To Upgrade Q11 S Weapon you will need Lost jades and S Weapon Enchant talisman

4. Q11 Sweapon will get extra status bonus once it reach Lv 3, Lv 7 and Lv 10.

5. Bonus on Leveling Q11 is differ on each s weapon. See the next tab for Q11 status

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