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Greetings Shinobies

So Gem Rush is back and with it a special item in it’s store. What item? it’s a pack that require only 10 star points in gem rush to obtain (star points, not treasure map). Inside the pack is gold. Yes you heard it right, gold. The pack will give you a random amount of gold between 500 – 3000 gold.

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Once you get it you probably thinking and planning how to spend this hard earn and free gold? Most probably think to stock up. but there is something that you could consider. Why not activate the kaguya power?

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Kaguya power is a feature that can be accessed once you get to Lv 26. It works just like subcription or VIP system in many other games. If you activate it, you will get benefits as long it’s active. It’s as simple as that. If you haven’t activate kaguya power at all, there is free 24 Hours trial to try it out!!

So why should you choose to activate Kaguya power? Because of the benefits!! Here are things you should know about Kaguya Power

Here are the basic things you should know about

  1. Activating Kaguya Power will grant you multiple benefit and daily reward. This wiil be available as long as Kaguya Power is active.
  2. Kaguya Power have level on it’s own. Increasing it’s level will provide additional benefits and increase in Daily reward.
  3. There are various way to level Kaguya Power, please check the Leveling tab for further details
  4. Should the Kaguya Power expire, you will lose current lv EXP.

Here are the list of benefit you got from each kaguya power level.

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And this is the Boost Stat effect:

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There are 4 ways to level up Kaguya Power:

  • Purchase another 30 days of Kaguya Power subscription (max is 1080 Days)
  • Complete a daily task
  • Login for the first time in 1 day
  • Spent 100 coupons or gold

Here are tables on how much you gain for each method

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And finally, here are the items you can get from daily reward

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