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[Guide] Hokage Path

Greetings Shinobies


Today we will be looking at one of our basic feature, The Hokage Path. These guide is designated for new shinobies to help them knows the basic and what step should they take once missions are not for their current level.

hokage path

Basically, the Hokage Path serve as your goal/objective list. If you complete them, you will receive silvers as reward or perhaps coupon. So should you confuse about what you should do next, you can consult your Hokage Path to see things that can be done.

Although Hokage Path is very useful at lower level, this doesn’t mean higher level ninja can’t find any use of them.

hokage path 2

Hokage path also put a list of daily things you can do today, such as making ramen, challenge the arena, etc. So you can maximize your silver income and experience obtain in daily basis