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[Guide] Forbidden Jutsu Ver 2.0


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Once you reach Lv 100, you will have access to the Forbidden Jutsu Lab. For those who follow Naruto, either anime or manga or both, you should know what Orochimaru’s hobby is. Yes, Orochimaru love doing experiment to gain immortality and new ninjutsu. Forbidden Jutsu Lab is actually one of Orochimaru’s hideout.This hideout is located on uncharted desolate island and filled with clones of elite ninjas.


The island itself is divided into 4 area. Each areas have 15 stages, except the Pneuma areas which have 30 stages. On every stages you will face Clone of powerful ninja , such as White Coat Sasuke, Hashirama, Tobirama and even Orochimaru himself. Here are the details on the areas within the island.


Blood area is the first area you can explore. Blood area have 15 stages and once you defeat it’s first guard, Jirobo, you can start researching Forbidden Jutsu of Blood. Researching Forbidden Jutsu of Blood will increase HP of Assaulter class



Once you cleared all 15 stages on Blood area, you can access Soul area. Similar to Blood Area, Soul area also have 15 stages and clearing the 1st stage will allow you to start research on Forbidden Jutsu of Soul. Forbidden Jutsu of Soul will increase HP of Vanguard class.



Spirit area is the third area within the island and can be accessed once you clear Soul Area. Similar to previous area, Spirit Area have 15 stages and defeating White Coat Sasuke, the first guard, will allow researching on Forbidden Jutsu of Spirit. Forbidden Jutsu of Spirit will increase HP of support class



Pneuma area is the final area in this island. Pneuma area is slightly different from 3 previous area. Instead of simply clear previous area, Spirit area, it also required your character to be Reincarnated first. In addition, Pneuma area have 30 stage instead of the usual 15 stages. These stages are split into 2. Once you cleared first 15 stages, your character must do 2nd Reincarnation to proceed. This is due to the fact that clone who guard this area are on whole different level compared the previous area. As the reward of clearing this area, you can research Forbidden Jutsu of Pneuma which will increase HP of all combat members


Once you defeat a guard, you will get corresponding Forbidden Jutsu Jade. In addition, once you cleared the stage you can simply do a daily claim for those jades.

Jades will be used in Research for corresponding Forbidden Jutsu. Except Jade of Sage which can be use as Substitute jade for any Forbidden Jutsu.

There are 3 Methods for Researching. All method have chance to Small Crit ( Exp * 5) or Large Crit (immediately increase Lv)

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Basic Research = allows you to do research by using Silvers instead of Jades. You have 5 chances to do basic research everday and this chance is shared amongst ALL Forbidden Jutsu.
Adv. Research = this research require corresponding Forbidden Jutsu Jade (Assaulter need Jade of Blood, Vanguard need Jade of Soul) or Jade of Sage. In the event when you run out of jade, Gold/Coupon can be used. Jades will be used first before gold/coupon.
Batch Research = Batch research is the same as Adv research. but instead of clicking it 20 times, you only need to click once. Cost and crit chance are the same.


Unlike Senjutsu training at Mount Myoboku, Forbidden Jutsu only increase HP but it’s hp boost is HUGE  so it’s beneficial to increase your Forbidden Jutsu Level.