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[Guide] Forbidden Jutsu

Greetings Shinobies


Today we’re looking at some extremely classified training that only most experienced Shinobies are allowed to try. It should be noted that the kages did not approve shinobies to do this training but considering the threats that keep rising, the kages allow the training of forbidden jutsus to be done to certain extent. Forbidden Jutsus earn it’s name not without reason which lead to limitation by the kages, Shinobies can only access outer layer of Forbidden Jutsus. But even so, the training give good boost towards shinobies to face any threats coming to their way. Also only shinobies that have reached level 100 are allowed to start training Forbidden jutsu.

Forbidden window

To increase the forbidden jutsus’ level, shinobies must find special jade that exist only on a remote island. And, yes, the jades are guarded.



The guard took form of rogue shinobies that have been defeated long time ago. But make no mistake, their skills are far stronger than before, underestimating them will ensure your defeat.

Once you have enough jades, you can start training forbidden jutsus. Well you can also use silvers for 5 times or golds in exchange of jades.

window 2

The forbidden jutsus will give a great health boost towards shinobies on specific combat lane. Each lane will require different jade, so exploration of the island is a must.