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[Guide] Cute Ninja Fund


Greetings Shinobies

Ever since this event appear there are a lot of question about this event. Some think this event is not worthwhile while others said it’s not.

And for that, we make this guide. We hope this guide provide a better details for this event.

Cute Ninja Fund is combination of top up & spending for rebate. Here are the things you must remember:

  1. After you top up, you will immediately activate Lv 1 Rebate. Which gives bonus gold (Ex: If you top up 1000 Gold, you will activate baby naruto which gives you 1200 gold rebate w/o spending)
  2. The Rebate stacks for different baby. Which means if you simply top up 4000 Gold, you will get 6600 Gold rebate (1200 from Naruto, 1500 from Sasuke, 3900 from Sakura) This also apply to higher level of baby.
  3. If you wish to level up a baby, please calculate the exp/food you have right now with exp requirement. Safest bet would be baby Naruto Lv 2. Baby Naruto Lv 2 will give you 13500 Gold rebate with 10000 Gold cost. So you will get + 3500 Profit. Also Baby Naruto only need 1000 gold top up so it’s cheaper to get. Alternatively is the Baby Sasuke Lv 2, but you will need to top up a bit more.

We also provide tables for each rebate profit & how much it’s gonna cost for each level

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Activation = Top up 1000 Gold & rebate 1200 Gold

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Best Choice = Lv 2 with 3500 Profit(excluding refresh which cost you:: (100*3)*5 = 1500)

Activation = Top Up 2000 Gold & Rebate 1500 gold (total of 2700 gold (1200 from baby naruto and 1500 from baby sasuke)

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Best Choice = Lv 2 with 6500 profit & Lv 3 with 6000 profit (excluding refresh which cost you:: (100*3)*5 = 1500)

Activation = Top Up 4000 Gold & Rebate 3900 gold (total of 6600 gold (1200 from baby naruto + 1500 from baby sasuke + 3900 from baby sakura)

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Best Choice = Lv 2 with 3300 profit & Lv 3 with 20000 profit (excluding refresh which cost you:: (100*3)*5 = 1500)