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Game Update 17 Sept 2014

Greetings Shinobi


We’re going to have a new update on 17 Sept 2014 at 16.00 Server Time The update will include 3 new features, some bug fixes and optimization and finally a function removal. Please keep in mind that during the update phase player cannot log in to the game and we strongly suggest player not to log in to prevent any problem that may occur to your character::


Function Description:

a) The Ninja Bond function unlocks when the main character reaches Lv.32

b) Recruit all ninjas from the current bond team to activate the current bond effect

c)  Use Ninja Souls or Gold to increase the friendship bond. By increasing friendship, you can get better bonus effects

d) Bond effect or super bond effect are effective for all battle ninjas. Ninjas who are not in the battle formation cannot enjoy this effect bonus

e)  Mystic ninja’s bonus effect will only appear in the current super bond team

f)   The super bond effect will be unlocked after you unlock any bond team

Note: The dismissed Ninja cannot activate Ninja Bond Function before the bond function has been launched. After unlocking the bond function, the activation status of ninjas will not be changed even the ninja is dismissed! Come and collect your partners!


Function Description:

a) The Ninja Hotel function unlocks at Lv.20

b) Ninjas who quit the ninja team will appear in the Ninja Hotel

c) You can move the ninja in the Ninja Hotel to the ninja team or dismiss them. The ninja disappears after dismissing him/her

d) You need to spend some Gold when the Ninja back to Ninja Hotel.

e) After dismissing some of the ninjas, you will receive a certain amount of ninja souls

f)  You can unlock the slot in the Ninja Hotel by leveling up your character and VIP

g)  Only when the ninja is in the storehouse can you remove the ninja from the ninja team

Now shinobies will not worry about too much allies!

Function Description:

a) Players (lv.50+) can use Horn.

b) After using the Horn, a tip will be sent in game, all players can see it.

QQ Photo20140917132136QQ Photo20140917132049  QQ Photo20140917132045

A new Ninja available for shinobies to recruit, this time Byakugo Sakura will join you in adventure.

To obtain her, shinobi must be placed on top up event rank 1- 3 AND top up at least 50k Gold during new server launching.

The event will last for 1 week

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Some Bug Fixes and Optimization::

a) Optimize the Naruto Road Task, lv50-lv100 missions are added.

b) A reminder function for Daily Task is added.

c) The materials supplement in Top Ninja will not jump to Treasure Map, players can buy the materials by clicking.

d) The equipments and accessories supplement function is added.

e)  One-key sort function is added in Bag.

f)  Add fast leap Button in Spiritual Beast Training Feature.

g) When the personal Treasure Tree, mystery fruit is ripen or the Guild Donate is available, a bright ring will display.

h) The level limit for the Blue Ninja exchange into Purple Ninja Soul in Tavern will be changed from lv 60 to lv 50.

i) The accessories’ upgrade level will be displayed in the Potency Advance Feature .

j) A opening time reminder will be added in Suppress Beast and Rebeller’s Attack, player can enter the event automatically when he is online.

k) The level difference limit in Master/Slave Contract will be removed.

and finally a function remove::

old proof 2

The function in Treasure Map which use old proof to exchange new proof,will be closed after version update. Please notice all players in advance. The player who still has old proof in bag, please exchange them in time before updating, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.