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[Event] Stairway to Glory


Greetings Shinobies

Stairway to Glory event is back once again. This time we put jades for your gears and also a FROST gear box. And that’s not all, we also add socket jade so you can further improve the Frost Gear you got!!

So how to do it?! Simple, here’s the how-to and the rewards

  1. Event will run from 19th March 2016 16.00 GMT+8/Game Time - 23th March 2016 15.59 GMT+8/Game Time.
  2. Rewards are LIMITED. First come first serve. So don’t be late!
  3. The amount are cumulative, so you can take time to reach the required amount.
  4. The rewards can be IMMEDIATELY claimed once you reach the required amount here: http://ninja.playwebgame.com/events/stairway-to-glory

Top Up Reach 2k
Lv 5 Jade Box * 4

lv 5 jade box

Top Up Reach 5k
Orange Equipment Box

orange equip box

sweaponbox desc
Top Up Reach 10k
Lv 9 Fury Jade*1

Lv 9 fury

lv 9 fury desc

Top Up Reach 20k
Frost Set Box *1 & Socket Jade * 20

frost set box socket jade

frost set box desc socket jade desc 

So don’t miss this chance to get powerful jades and gear to crush your opponent!!