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[Event] Stairway to Glory


Greetings Shinobies

First of all, Happy easter!! And if you didn’t know, we’re currently having a special recharge event with MOL, you can check it here. But wait! we still have something else for you!

With this event, you can be as strong as the infamous Akatsuki and bring down your opponent to their knees!! You can also get a spiritual beast to further boost your power!!

So how to do it?! Simple, here’s the how-to and the rewards

  1. Event will run from 25th March 2016 00.00 GMT+8/Game Time - 27th March 2016 23.59 GMT+8/Game Time.
  2. Rewards are LIMITED. First come first serve. So don’t be late!
  3. The amount are cumulative, so you can take time to reach the required amount.
  4. The rewards will be sent after the event end. Rewards will be sent to email registered for your id. So make sure it’s active!
  5.  Rewards will be sent through registered mail of your account so make sure your email is active!

Top Up Reach 10k
Orange Equipment Box

orange equip box

sweaponbox desc
Top Up Reach 15k
Akatsuki’s Jewellery Case*1

akatsuki jewellry case

akatsuki jewellry case desc
Top Up Reach 20k
Akatsuki’s Set Case*1

akatsuki set case

akatsuki set case desc
Top Up Reach 25k
Spirit Fox

spirit fox





Luna Accessory Part

luna acc

luna acc desc

 Player may choose which accessory (bangle,headware,bracelet,etc-) or pet they want

So don’t miss this chance to get powerful gear to crush your opponent!!