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[Event] Sakura Blessing

Greetings Shinobies !!!

Time sure flies fast, it wasn’t that long ago March just begin now it’s almost end. Spring is already here and in Japan, their Cherry Blossom otherwise known as Sakura are blossoming already. And it’s quite a view. Unfortunately not all of us can enjoy that so we’re doing a small event instead

During event duration you need to top up at least 100 Gold to the game , and you will have chance to win this events !! The more you top up, you will got more bigger chance to win this event. We will choose 5 Lucky winner for this Valentine event.


18 March 2016 – 22 March 2016 23.59 (server time)


agi jade1x Agility Jade Lv 9

fury 91x Fury Jade Lv 9

Unnamed QQ Screenshot2016031817204250x Super Potency Pill

50x Special Exp Scroll

Unnamed QQ Screenshot2016031817231850x Fairy

What are you waiting for ?? Time to start spring with more power within your hand. Only on Anime Ninja !! The #1 Ninja Game Worldwide !!