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[Event] New Server Top Up Reward



Greetings Shinobies

Now that new Serveri is open, many of you will start your adventure (or try a new adventure on new server). And of course you will need companions for your adventure.

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Some of you may already know so please forgive us for explaining again. New Ninja can be recruited at lv 20 on Tavern, talk to Anko or Tsunade later on to access Tavern.

Recruiting ninja is not just talk and handshake. You need to ‘pay’ something to recruit them. In Tavern you will need souls to ‘pay’ and recruit a ninja to your team. You will get some souls after you reach certain level but those souls aren’t enough and can’t be used to recruit all available ninjas.

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So we will ease your way to get your ninjas. We will give you 100 Purple Souls so you only need half of the required souls for to recruit stronger ninja!!

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How to get it? Simple. Top Up ANY AMOUNT OF GOLD and we will send 100 Purple souls to you within 3 x 24 Hours after you top up! So you only need half of the needed amount to recruit strong companion FROM START!!

Event will last for 5 Days from the server open. So don’t miss this chance!!