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[Event] Kakashi’s Training Manual Package


Greetings Shinobies

Since the blackmarket is open again in Anime Ninja and as always there are some elite ninja hanging around the market. Of course they can be recruited at the right price but they always comes at lv 1 and it takes times until they can dish out real damage.

But this time, for those on s186, s187 and 188 that recruit any of these 2 ninjas

will get Kakashi’s Training Manual Package!! Well… it’s kinda lame name… but yeah. No, it’s not icha icha paradise books inside, we can assure you that. The package contains:

 Epic EXP Scroll * 100

epic exp scroll

epic exp scroll desc

Super Potency Pill *50 
Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160413130853
Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160413131439

You will get reward as long as you recruit any one of them or both during event duration, 10th April 2016 00.01 – 14th April 2016 23.59 Game Server Time. The Reward will be sent to your mail after 15th April 2016 00.00 Game Server Time, 3 days at the latest.

So don’t miss this chance to get strong ninja and boost them up once you get them!!