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End Month Special Sale


Greetings Shinobies!

We have great news for you guys, starting from

20th Feb 2017 20.00 (GMT+8/game time)


23rd Feb 2017 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)

We’re holding special sale!! These sale will give you DOUBLE reward when you top up for certain amount!! Here’s how to get it  and what items you get for bonus:

  1. Event will run from  20th February 2017 20.00 (GMT+8/game time) until 23rd Feb 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  2. To obtain item you must do top up (cumulatively/single) accordingly via any payment gateway.
  3. Items are LIMITED and CHANGED EACH DAY. First come first serve. So don’t be late!
  4. Players can only get item ONCE per day (daily claim)
  5. Claim your bonus Here:: http://ninja.playwebgame.com/recharge-point/

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