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December Update


Greetings December

It’s not Christmas yet but we have an early gift for you in Anime Ninja. The gift is a Big Update for Anime Ninja!! There will be 3 updates. 2 updates for our earliest feature, Ninja Bond and Forbidden Jutsu, and 1 new feature, The Shinobi Wing!!

Here are the details


Latest feature in Anime Ninja is Ninja Wing. After long and grueling training and battle, your character finally able to manifest Chakra into wing. Similar to Akimichi Clan’s technique, these wings will grant huge bonus to you AND your team mate.

About Ninja Wing:

  • Can be accessed at Lv 110
  • Ninja Wing stat bonus will affect all active Ninja in battle
  • Ninja Wing have 2 different level type (similar to summon), Rank and Star
  • Every time you Enhance your wing, Wing’s Star exp will increase.
  • When your wing’s Star have reached Level 10, it will get an increase in Rank.
  • Increasing your wing’s rank will grant more stat bonus and at certain rank it will transform your wing into new look.
  • Enhance can be done using Silver or Colorful Plume or Gold
  • Colorful Plume can be obtained from Firewing Cave
  • Every instance in Firewing Cave can be done once a day. Reset of the instance can be done once a day too
  • To reset the instance, you must be VIP Lv 8 

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New Category is added to ninja bond, Super Squad! Super Squad category contain 5 team consisting of some extremely rare and elite ninja. Of course it give titanic stat boost. Activating one of them will give you a huge advantage in your adventure.

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Level cap in Forbidden jutsu have been increased to 500 for all category!! With these, you will get even more HP for all your ninjas!!

Those are the updates for this December. It’s time for you to spread your wings and bring together all other Shinobies under it!! Become the new legend in this Shinobi world.