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December Feature Update

Greetings Shinobies

As Christmas and New year comes soon, we’re adding new feature for you to explore during your holidays:

kaguya window 1

New Function Description:

1.     Kaguya Power

Function Description:

a)      Player became Kaguya Power user and will have many privileges which based on the Kaguya Power level: No Enhance CD, No Arena CD, discount for MakeEquip, Advance, Accessories Fortify and A Forge, chances for Ninja Crusade, Fortify Critical, PVP Extra Attribute, etc.

b)     Players can get Kaguya Power EXP by many ways every day.

c)      Depends on the Kaguya Power Level, players can get the privilege gift pack once a day

d)     When losing the privilege of Kaguya Power, the Kaguya Power EXP will be deducted every day.

e)      Players will have an exclusive Mall and can purchase all kinds of valuable


2.     New Mall

Function Description:

a)      Add new items as “Kaguya Power Special”

b)     Add Daily Special Sale, refreshes on 24:00 every day


Optimizing and BUG fixing:

  1. Add options for Auto Janken: 50, 100, 200 times
  2. Add Daily Special Sale Page in Mall
  3. Potency stuck and cannot reach level 100 fixed
  4. Ninja Crusade cannot reset for some players fixed
  5. No reward after Treasure Hunt fixed
  6. The display problem of slot upper limit in bag fixed
  7. The time display problem in Konoha Conquest fixed
  8. Add a tips when player use Gold to enhance the S Weapon, but has S Weapon Enhance Talisman in bag
  9. The materials in Forbidden Jutsu Lab can be used as potency materials
  10. Coupon will be changed in Mysterious Fruit instead of Gold
  11. The donate and skill value will be optimized
  12. The page for adding recruit proof in Ninja Club will be optimized
  13. Some task complete status in Road to Hokage will be fixed(Complete 100 purple tasks)
  14. After collected the attachment in mail, it will turn into gray.
  15. The growing rate after Ninja reincarnation will be optimized, the summation of Ninja growing rate will display (incl. S ability)
  16. The intro words in reincarnation skill preview will be optimized
  17. A level preview after reincarnation will be added in reincarnation window
  18. After auto enter the Rebeller’s Attack and Beast Battle will auto start battle
  19. Daily Quest, 1 free chance for Ramen Shop
  20. Bag function will be optimized, the stack amount will be increased, being online and leveling up to expand bag
  21. An entry for accessories enhance will be added on Ninja Crusade window
  22. The level display problem in Arena will be optimized
  23. The Arena rewards value will be increased(the silver rewards for players lvl 100+ will be increased)
  24. The description below the EXP Inherit will be changed into “After inheriting, the level of the original ninja won’t be changed”