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Daily Task… Complete Your Chores in Naruto World

Dear Shinobi,

Anime Ninja Team would like to provide some insight into the intricacies of the Daily Task to earn many daily rewards and ultimately collecting the Hokage Proof. The Hokage Proof is an important item as it can be used to substitute materials when recruiting ninjas from the Ninja Club.

Daily Task


Additionally, apart from completing the Daily Task and receiving the Hokage Proof, other potential rewards that can be obtained from completing the Daily Task are as follows (listed with no particular order):

  • 20 Coupons
  • 8 Treasure Talisman
  • 2 Common Materials Chest
  • 4 Level 2 Silver Cards
  • 4 Level 6 Silver Cards
  • 4 Level 7 Silver Cards
  • 4 Channeling Scrolls


Note: The rewards from Daily Task can be received in accordance to the level of the progress completed.

For example, take a look at the image below.

Daily Task Partial

Additionally, activities are classified into four categories by their colour. These categories are important to note as they contribute different points towards the progress of completing the Daily Tasks, and players are only allowed to perform ten (10) activities that will count towards the progress every day. The Hokage Proof is not obtainable in this example as the allowance for tasks have met the daily limit for activities allowed in this feature.

The four categories are coloured: White, Green, Blue, Purple. These colours differentiates their rank and thus the points given in return towards the progress of completing the Daily Task. This is the order of ranks from the highest to the lowest:

  1. Purple – 6 points
  2. Blue – 4 points
  3. Green – 3 points
  4. White – 2 points


So, how do get the Hokage Proofs? You will need to accumulate at least 150 points daily to be able to claim it. Do not forget to take the Double Rewards as shown below above the bar as soon as it appears in the selection of activities!

Daily Task Bar Complete

The image above shows that you can claim the rewards (including the Hokage Proof) if you have met the 150 points requirements. Collect more Hokage Proofs so that you can recruit advanced ninjas from the Ninja Club!

Anime Ninja Team