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August Bazaar

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It’s August and it’s still hot out there. This August, Anime Ninja will be opening a bazaar every week. Each bazaar will be open for 1 week!! During this bazaar, you can get various items including Ninja Treasure during the sale period only for 2$!! Also for this week, we will also hold Shinobi Recharge. In this week Shinobi Recharge you can get the infamous Susanoo Itachi !! So don’t miss this chance

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And now here are the items you can get from both Bazaar and Shinobi Recharge, along with the rules

  1. All players can join this event!!
  2. Each time you top up you will get a point (Every 50 Gold = 1 poin)
  3.  5 Player with most point will be entered into ranking
  4. There is a SPECIAL REWARD for players who acquired certain amount of points.
  5. Event will run starting from 3rd August 00.00 (GMT+8/game time) until 6th August 23.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  6. PWG Staff cannot join this event!!
  7. You can check your rank here
  • User need to top up 100 Gold within time periode.
  • Part 2 event start from 2nd August 20.00 (GMT+8/game time) until 6th August 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  • Players can only get item ONCE
  • Claim your bonus Here:: July Bazaar

2nd August 20.00  3rd August 19.59 (GMT+8/Game Server Time)

Little Coupon Pack & Red Ninja Soul * 25

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3rd August 20.00  until 4th August 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)

Ninja Treasure, Lv 5 Jade Box *2 & General Recruit Proof

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4th August 20.00 until 5th August 19.59 (GMT+8/game time)

S Weapon Enchant Talisman 20, Colorful spar 10 & Lv 6 Jade box

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5th August 20.00   6th August 19.59 (GMT+8/Game Server Time)

Big Potency Pill 50, Super Potency Pill 10 & Adv potency pill 25

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Here are the rewards you can obtain:: Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170607144309

And these are item contained in Luxury Golden Pack

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If your point reach 240 points & Rank 1you can get Susanoo Itachi as added bonus!!


If your point reach 60 points & ranked 1-3you can get S Weapon Box 8 as added bonus!!

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If your point reach 50 points & ranked 1-5, you can get S Weapon Box 7 as added bonus!!

(Note: If you reach 60 Points you will only get S Weapon Box 8 only.)

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