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Are you ready for OPEN BETA ?


Warm Greetings Shinobies!

It was a joy for us to experience the Close Beta Time with all the shinobies in Anime Ninja and enjoying all the events given. On 7th September, while waiting on the CBT we held an event called Signature Battle Event where we ask the shinobies to make a creative signature to be used on forum. Surprisingly all the participants are really creatives, Anime Ninja Team even find themselves hard to decide the winner!

Next event is Bug Finding, it was our CBT event starting from 17th September – 19th September 2013. Shinobies were asked to help us find bug in game while they are playing, report it to our team in order we could fix it while waiting for the Open Beta.

What’s the difference between Close Beta and Open Beta?

We are very thankful for all the shinobies for their support and as we said before while CBT we ask all the shinobies to help us find the bug. Well, it is actually part of the next mission which is to finalize the game preparation therefore we could present the better game play on Open Beta.

Open Beta Test or also known as the commercial time of the game is the time where top up is accessible. So yeap! You can buy item in store to strengthen your team to be the strongest ninja!

Prepare yourself! We are about to live our way of ninja!