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Anime Ninja The Hunt of Shinobi Code Guides & Tutorial

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Dear Shinobi,

As we have seen in our Official Fanpage,┬áthere have been some strange posts showing up lately. We have to admit that it was our hints for the upcoming “The Hunt of Shinobi Code”. that was officially announced on 9th of June 2014.

It was basically a plan that was made by Anime Ninja Team, along with our best & hard working Moderators to appreciate all of our players effort on playing Anime Ninja, and helping it runs towards the brighter future of Anime Ninja for almost 10 Months now. We didnt close our ears and eyes when we heard any of you having problems and difficulties on playing Anime Ninja, we also gave what we are sure is our best on solving the issue. Though sometimes not everything can be solved smoothly and needs a longer time, we’ll never let the issue escaped unscratched!

Now these are the rules on participating in The Hunt of Shinobi Code:

1. As we all know, we have to share a post in the Official Fanpage until it reaches 500 Posts.
2. Now that it has reached 500 Posts within 24 Hours, we announced that Anime Ninja team will start the final phase of “The Hunt of Shinobi Code”
3. The Code will appear and scattered all over the website right at 10th of June 2014 17:00 In Game Time (which is now) and will end at 11th of June 2014 17:00 In Game Time on any Anime Ninja Related site.
4. We can consider that these codes are Infinite, as it really has no limit. The only problem that you have to face is that some are easily shown, but most are hidden within images, buttons, and such.
5. You might think that this is easy, yes it is, but some who think that it is hard to find them, if you pay alot of attention to Anime Ninja, (sites and such), you can see the difference, and thats the clue!.
6. There are 3 Type of Codes, each players can only claim 1 for each type, so in total you can get 3 Gift Codes for each players.

please read carefully and pay attention to the example below:

1. If you claimed Code Type 1, you wont be able to claim the other Code Type 1, in results, you will get an ingame notice saying that you already claimed this type of code.

Code Type 1


2. If you claimed Code Type 1, then you got another Code and when you tried to use it it results a success, then that code should be either a Code Type 2 or Code Type 3.

Code Type 2

Code Type 3

There are no specific clue to tell which one is Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3.
So fight for it!..

These are just an example though, it wont work if you try to claim it. Teehee ~ jk :D
Good luck on finding them.


Anime Ninja Team