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Anime Ninja – Six Path Arcanum & Tournament


Greetings Shinobies:

Anime Ninja has launched its latest update, the Six Path Arcanum and The Tournament.
To know what they look like, check out our post below, and play Anime Ninja now!

Range:All Servers


1. Six-path Land [Unlock at Level 100]

Naruto Games


a)      Each player has 3 challenges every day. Winning the battle will not reduce challenge attempts, while losing the battle will cost 1 challenge attempt each time

b)     Completing each stage can reward Shinobies a Jinchuriki Practice Pill, completing each 5-stage can net you a Jinchuriki Promotion Pill

c)      You can click Claim All to claim all available rewards every day

2. Tournament Conquest’ [Unlock at Lv.40]

Online Naruto MMORPG


a)      The Tournament function unlocks when the main character reaches Lv.40. Tournament begins the following day after there are 10+ Lv.40 and above players on the server
b)     It begins at 12:30~12:59 and 20:30~20:59
c)      When it starts, players can form a team to join the cross-server tournament
d)     After each challenge, players will receive points and ninja badges
e)     Rewards will be sent at 0:00 AM via mail according to the player’s point ranking
f)      Ninja Badges can be used to redeem items, equipment and famous ninja in the Badge Shop
g)     Winning battles in a row will reward additional ninja badges

1. Beast’s Leveling Event

  Event Duration:Within 15 days after the server open

  Event Details: 

During the event period, when the Spiritual Beast reach the certain level, Shinobies will get rewards

ha 2

1. Adjust the level pack

2.Fix the Battle Report Probelm

3.Optimize the Elite Match

4. Optimize the Occult Techniques