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Anime Ninja CBT Period Will End


Hi shinobies,

Anime Ninja will end the Close Beta Test at :

17:00 GMT+8 19 Sept 2013

Please wait for the official Open Beta (Full Service) announcement from Team Ninja!

Thank you for all the participation and feedbacks that comes to us.

Important Information for Close Beta Testing Shinobies:

1. After Close Beta, all the players Character will be erased, But not your Playwebgame ID.

2. Closed Beta Testing is a period where the game is being check for all technical and maintenance purpose. There will be certain bugs and errors, but its normal in Close Beta period. We do appreciate if you can help us to find those errors and bugs :)  >> Event Bug Finding <<

3. While in Close Beta Period we will arrange some maintenance if Needed, We hope for your understanding, and please wait patiently while we improve the comfortness of the game.

You still able to participate in Signature Battle Event:


See you soon in Open Beta Shinobies !!