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18 ways to act like a ninja

Anime Ninja is an Online Free Web-Based / Browser Game MMORPG Based on the famouse Japanese Manga, there are tons of Playable Character, the Ninja Biography that we provide to you below, is one of them.

Are you a fan of the anime Naruto produced by Masashi Kishimoto? If so, then you may want to act like the number one hyperactive knuckle headed ninja Naruto Uzumaki. To act like Naruto, you’ve got to be loud, stubborn, and a little bit annoying. Oh, and eating ramen won’t hurt, either.

Be loud, stubborn and hyperactive to the point that it annoys the people around you. Don’t forget to also be clumsy but grin and smile a lot. Brush off your shortcomings and continue to try your best.

Insist on becoming the best at what you do, saying things like “I never go back on my word!” and “I’m going to be greater than anyone!”

Claim to not understand the simplest of concepts. Barely pass school and sleep during most of your classes–especially the hard ones–if need be. Sneak out of class if you get the urge anharare to.

Wail hard, be stiff-necked and hyperactive to the point people gets all irritated; get gawky, grin a lot and never let a failure stop you from going forward.

Begin an insane rivalry with the most stuck-up, popular person you know. Constantly try to steal his spotlight no matter what kind of danger you put yourself into. Then crush on someone who’s crushing on your new rival.

Say shy and quiet people are “weird” but still be kind to them.

Call all of your teachers “pervy”-something and be disrespectful to as many authority figures as you see fit–mainly only if they refuse to see things your way.

Eat ramen for practically every meal.Try different flavors so you don’t get sick of it.

Say you understand everyone’s pain, but never explain to anyone how or why. If someone rebels against you, try beating some sense into him. If that doesn’t work, promise everyone that you will save them.

Act like you had a rough childhood. Act like it was hard to make friends. Act like you have a dark secret inside you (jinchurikki).

Every now and then, take the time to brag about your stupidest accomplishments, adding fictitious monologue from the daydreams you had about outshining your rival.

Act like you can beat anyone if you put your mind to it.

Say “Dattebayo!” every now and then. This is your catchphrase. Alternatively you can say “Believe it!” which is what “dattebayo” means in English. But don’t over do it or people will find you unbearable and shun you.

Wear a lot of orange and blue.You can also wear an expensive-looking necklace that looks like the one that Tsunade(baa-chan) gave Naruto.

Be friends with a lazy kid, dog lover, a fat kid, a loner, a shy girl, and like a smart kid. (Smart kid being Sasuke)

Be crazily determined in all of your pursuits. Trying and then failing is never a setback. If you fail, just try again, or you really won’t resemble Naruto at all!

Try to be better than everyone to become very strong and maybe even impress the girl you like...”Surpass all that came before you.”

Work hard- To back up your mouth, train your fitness and get it high as the days pass. So when you are told to prove, you will have no hesitation. This can be done by doing intense training. If you can’t do that, then motivate yourself by thinking of your rival.