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Many years ago, a huge, wicked, and powerful creature, attacked a village, killing so many people in its wake. To stop this, the village leader, sacrificed himself to protect the village inside a newborn. However, the leader did not fully resolve the crisis, a larger conspiracy has just begun.

Game Background

Anime Ninja is A Free To Play Web Browser MMORPG, with interesting storylines, powerful abilities, lots of playable Ninja, and authentic environments, giving all of you, Shinobies, the chance to experience the True Ninja World!

Anime Ninja provides you various characters that you can pick as your Protagonist, there is 6 Characters in total, divided into 3 Type, Nin, Tai, and Gen. Each type of Ninja has their own special abilities and specialties, Nin Type specializes inĀ  attacking and dealing damage to enemies, Tai Type specializes in defense, and Gen type specializes in supporting and also healing. All of them are very important and unique, so choose wisely, Shinobi!

In Anime Ninja you can also fight against Summoned Beasts, but you cant fight them alone as they are too strong for you, you are going to need helps from other ninjas, lots of ninjas, not just hundreds, but thousands! So gather your Clans, Organizations, or team up with your friends, defeat all enemies and become the most powerful ninja in Anime Ninja!