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Guide Leveling 1-20

This is the Guide for you to reach Lvl 20 in a blink of the eye !

You just have to follow it step by step !

1. You will encounter the Introduction of Anime Ninja at 1st, and try to click “Naruto Journey Begin”

2. After that you will be directed to NPC Sarutobi to start the 1st quest, click the access task Button showed

3. And it will changed to “continued”, Click it and you will start your 1st Quest !

4. You have to go to Konohamaru to finish the Quest, click the “Completed” button, and congratulations ! your 1st quest is finished !

5. Next you will be directed to the next quest by him, be sure to access that Quest, Click the “access” button

6. And the conversation would change, press the “continued” Button Again, or you can click the current quest tab as shown in the picture

7. After step 6, you will start to run into the world map, and the screen would be like below, and click the arrow map tab displayed

8. You will engage in your 1st battle now, click the enemy located in there, or you can click the “Current Quest” tab. Be sure to see the premiere battle of yourself and the enemy !

9. The Victory is yours ! See the display image for any information after the battle, as shown you can see, that you acquire “Experience” and “Silver”. Later, you will get more interesting benefits for finishing a quest !

10. Wait ! you think you will just get that Prize ! No you don’t ! you will have to choose the battle completion Bonus ! Pick 1 from 3 cards provided, and test your luck ! Which one you got ? :p


11. After choosing your Bonus, you will redirected to the village, you can see that your current quest are turning Green. Click it and it will guide you to finish the current Quest. You will another rewards, and sometimes its weapon or equipment included !

12. After you click the “Completed” button, Konohamaru will give you another Quest, Accept it, and it will be your task to finish it

13. It will continued to, Hokage the 3rd , and it will finish your active quest, and provide you more quest after the completion, click the “continued” or the blue sentence in “current quest” tab

 14. You will be directed to The World Map, and enter the Quest Battle, again, defeat your enemies !

15. After defeating the Akatsuki’s you will back to the village and click the Green sentence in the  “Current Quest” tab, and you will going to Sarutobi to complete the quest

16. After you complete that Quest, you will receive another task, take it and it will be your 1st quest that give you weapon reward ! Go to Iruka to accept and finish your Quest

17. After you finish the last quest, a weapon icon will appear. You can now access the Team Info menu, and it provide you a place where you can equip your character or team any weapon or armor provided, click the previous weapon that you got from the previous quest. Now your Character would be stronger !

18. After you finish equipping the weapon, you can access the new quest, click the blue sentence in the “current Quest” tab, and you will going to Kakashi, accept the quest and it will reward you your 1st team member, Iruka ! “Continued” the quest and finish it !

19. Choose the Quest Checkpoint and prepare for the Battle ! Defeat the enemies, and once it completed, go back to the village to finish the quest completion. Go to Iruka to claim him, the 1st team member!

20. Once you got Iruka, a Team Formation icon will appear and now you will be ready to set the formation of your team ! You just have to drag Iruka to “Vanguard” position, where he can cover the rest of the team member later on. In this formation menu, you can also to see the character main skills

21. After setting your formation, you can progress new quest, click your current Quest, and continue and finish the quest

22. After finishing your last quest, you will receive another Quest from Kakashi, take it and complete it



23. Click the Green Sentece to complete the current Quest, and Kakashi will give you another task, access it and complete it

24. After you complete your last Quest, click the Green Sentence and you will go to Sasuke , talk to him, and after you finish it, you will activate the daily login Calendar System


25. After that, you will have access to Ability system Icon, in which you can distribute your Ability Point to make your character more stronger !


26. You will receive another Quest from Sasuke, access it and complete it



27. When you finish the quest given by Sasuke, you will have enough Ability Point to upgrade. Don’t forget to Click the current task to finish your quest

53 54

28. And when you access the last quest, it will give you addional Reward, Fight to complete it and claim your Reward

29. After the task is completed, you will go to approach Naruto, and receive quest from him, and your 2nd team member are awaiting for you. Complete the Quest, and progress through the story

30. Complete the quest and Click to receive Kiba ! a formation Icon would be notify you if Kiba already join your Squad. Open the Formation System and Drag Kiba to Assaulter formation. By this point you should have a 3 member team now. Congratulations !

31. Click the Blue Sentence to receive another task, and you will approach Kakashi, take the quest from him and Complete it

70 71

32. After this, you can get another Quest or task, and after this you will find Naruto providing you the quest, receive it from him and Complete it


33. Go to Kakashi to receive another Quest, accept it and complete the quest given by him

78 79

34. After you complete the Kakashi tohask, you have to find Naruto to accept another task and complete it for another Equipment Reward


35. And after that Kakashi will provide you more Quest. Accept it and complete it, Naruto will also have a quest for you


36. Advance to the next Quest, you will encounter Naruto offering a Quest, Accept it and complete it


37. After that, Kakashi also offering you a Quest, accept it, and you will approach Anko, accept the quest, and finish it


38. At this point you can Hire a new team member in the Tavern, maybe you can test your luck and get someone ? Anyway, Go to Iruka and Receive the new Quest from him, and go to Naruto to complete it

96 97

39. Now you can “fortify” your weapon & Equipment! Please remember this in mind, you have to use this feature wisely and try to defeat your opponent while searching for your own weakness.

Now, go to next Quest in the current Quest tab, go to Sasuke, receive and Complete it


40. After you complete the Sasuke Quest, you will advance to the next quest given by him, and you will be directed to Naruto, accept the quest and complete it


41. Continue the Quest from Naruto, and you will gain access to Sasuke’s mission, finish it to receive special rewards !

109 112


42. And now you can continue the Sasuke’s quest, and it will progress to Iruka, accept the quest and Complete it !




43. Now you can open the “Ramen Museum” Feature, this feature will provide you money to do so many things, be sure to keep upgrading’em.


44. Progress to new Quest, Go to Naruto and receive the quest, once you get the quest, complete it. And he will give you another Quest

122 123

45. Naruto will told you to go to Iruka, accept the quest and complete it


46. At this point you will asked to enter a Clan ! Choose from the strongest clan in Konoha! Senju, Uzumaki or even Uchiha ! Join what you believe in your heart and make the Clan more powerful !

128 lvl 19 clan

47. Advance to the new quest provided, and you will directed to Iruka, receive the quest and complete it

130 131