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Weekly Anime Ninja Trivia Event

Hi Shinobies,

Are you ready for the Trivia? Anime Ninja team will give you 2000 Coupons every week.

So join the “Weekly Anime Ninja Trivia Event”. This event will start on:

1st week (Wednesday 30 October 2013 and Thursday 31 October 2013)

17.00 GMT+8

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Anime Ninja Team will give 5 question in event day (1 day = 5 questions),
  2. 2 player with the fastest and correct answered will win the event,
  3. There will be 10 winners every event day, (Wednesday & Thursday)
  4. Participants must answer in the Anime Ninja Facebook wallpost containing this event announcement
  5. Winner must send message confirmation to fanpage once we announce the winner and hereby is the format:
  • Subject : Weekly Anime Ninja Trivia Event
  • Name :
  • Playwebgame Id :
  • Facebook Name :
  • Character Name :
  • Email :

 6. Shinobies that did not fill the confirmation correctly until the end of confirmation time will lose their rewards.

7. Anime Ninja Team decision are absolute and inviolable.

8. Terms and Conditions can be changed without any notification beforehand.

Every winner will get rewards 100 coupons. And will be 20 winner in every week.

So what are you waiting for?

Answer the Question and win the rewads.


Anime Ninja

Live your way of Ninja