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Vote, Claim, and Get Extra Bonuses!

ttention Shinobi!

This is an opportunity for you to claim gift codes and also extra bonuses if you can make it happen!

The rules are simple, you simply need to vote to claim your gift codes immediately, however you can also gain extra bonuses if the conditions are met.

Before we go into the details of this event, let us break down what you can get from this event:

Diamond Pack
Midsummer Pack
Benefit Pack
Dignity Pack

Now that you know the rewards you can get to claim the aforementioned rewards. Where are the extra bonuses, you ask?

The answer is simple; cast as much votes as you can Shinobi with your ninja skills! The Anime Ninja Team will provide an additional reward in return should your game is placed first in the contest categories that the Anime Ninja is nominated for (the more, the merrier the bonuses):

Favourite RPG Game
Most Popular
Best New Game
Best 2D Game

So, what are you waiting for, vote and claim your gift codes now! Additional extra bonuses await you, Shinobi!

Vote here: http://bit.ly/1ay2o2H

Anime Ninja Team