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The Reanimated Ginkaku

Do you know who Ginkaku is?
He is one of the Infamous Gold and Silver Brothers of Kumogakure. Alongside his brother, Kinkaku. Which has a very similar appearance with Ginkaku itself.

The Gold and Silver Brothers are the most notorious criminal group in the History of Kumogakure. They possessed all five Legendary Tools of The Sage of Six Paths, which usually needs high amount of chakra to be able to control them. Though, Ginkaku and Kinkaku both has high amount of Chakra, they should not be able to control them, luckily in the past they gained the Kyuubi’s Chakra, which multiplies their Chakra amounts, enough to fully control the Legendary Tools.

The Brothers later re-appears in the Shinobi World War Arc, fighting against Darui, Samui and Atsui. Eventhough Samui and Atsui got incapacitated in the fight, Darui successfully sealed Ginkaku and Kinkaku using Benihisago.

Ginkaku was known as one of the most powerful Assaulters in Anime Ninja. Which has high amount of Force and also a devastating Fury Skills that damages all enemies. Ginkaku has appeared 3 Times in Anime Ninja. Showing how famous and popular he is.

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