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Single Top Up Bonus

Greetings Shinobies!

December has come and New Event is back!! This time the event start on::

10th December 15.00 (GMT+8/game time)


13th December 14.59 (GMT+8/game time)

We’re gonna give you a bonus item when you do a Single Top-up 200 Golds. Here’s how to get it and what you’re gonna get:

  1. Event will run from 10th December 15.00 (GMT+8/game time) until 13th December 14.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  2. To obtain item you must do SINGLE top up of AT LEAST 200 Gold via any payment gateway. Any higher amount is still consider of 200 Gold Single top up for this event.
  3. Items are LIMITED and CHANGED EACH DAY. First come first serve. So don’t be late!
  4. Players can only get item ONCE per day (daily claim)
  5. Claim your bonus Here:: http://ninja.playwebgame.com/recharge-point/

Day 1

(10th December 15.00 – 11st December 14.59 GMT+8/Game Time)

Jade Pack Lv 3 *1

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161125181939

Day 2

(11st December 15.0012nd December 14.59 GMT+8/Game Time)

S Weapon Enchant Talisman *5

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161125184448

Day 3

(12nd December 15.0013rd December 14.59 GMT+8/Game Time)

Super Potency Pills * 10

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161125181759

Don’t miss this chance to get some bonus item when you Top-Up!! Only in Anime Ninja!!