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Signature Battle Event!!

Ohayo Shinobi!!!

Ninja Online Close Beta is getting closer, so to greet Ninja Online CBT we have special event for all shinobi!!

Signature Battle Event!! Are you ready to be a winner shinobi?!?!?

Event will be held at Ninja Online Prodigy Infinitech Forum and start on 7 September 2013 – 20 September 2013.

How to participate in Signature Battle Event?

  • Shinobi’s will create 1 image Fan Art as their signature
  • Image must contain this ninja logo ( logo-EVENT02 ) you can resize the image later
  • The image will be post in the thread that provided on Ninja Anime Forum
  • Shinobi’s also must use the posted image as shinobi Signature ID
  • Do not copy other shinobi images or do not same with other.


We will choose some shinobi level’s who considered pass the event:

Level 1-3  Shinobi Kage = will recived 300 gold each

Level 4-10 Shinobi Jounin = will recived 200 gold each

Level 11-15 Shinobi Chunin = will recived 100 gold each

Dont miss it, all Genin Shinobi can participate and prove that you are worthy to get Kage Shinobi title!!