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November One Day Sale


Greetings Shinobies

Today, Anime Ninja is going to held a special sale for you guys. The sale only last for 24 hours so don’t miss this chance to get BONUS item!!

The Bonus Item and Rules for current One Day Sale are

Spiritual Beast Shark

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161104123113


Spiritual Beast Sakura Fairy

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161104123001

  • User need to top up 15,000 Gold within time periode (GOLD will not be deducted and can still be used for future in game purchase)
  • Event start from 4th November 16.00 – 5th November 15.59 (Game Server Time, GMT+8)
  • Message us on our fanpage for Spiritual Beast of your choice.
  • Reward will be sent to your in game mail within 24 hours after your confirmation
  • If you have multiple characters on different server please message us on our fanpage to choose which one that obtain the reward.

For today only, you can get the spiritual beast while preparing your gold for upcoming event!! So don’t miss this chance to get them!! Only in Anime Ninja!!