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Treasure of Akatsuki

Dear Shinobies of Anime Ninja,

As a reward for your long-term support and love to “Anime Ninja”, we will introduce you the “Treasure of Akatsuki”, in this Event, you have the chance to obtain daily gold and item bonuses. With this, you can be the strongest Shinobi in Anime Ninja World and no one will be able to beat you, come and live your way of ninja now!

Let’s check it out whats inside the treasure!!

Recharge to win 10% Bonus

To all Shinobies in Anime Ninja, starting from 16th January until 20th January 2014, you can get 10% Gold Bonus by Recharging any amount of Gold! Each time you recharge your gold, Bonus Gold will be sent through your In Game Mail. Careful, mail expires in 15 Days ~

VIP Great Feedback

Attention Shinobies, are you a VIP Ninja? Or you plan to be a VIP Ninja? What are you waiting for? VIP Great Feedback are here!! Starting from 16th January until 20th January 2014, all VIP Ninja can purchase VIP Diamonds, VIP Diamonds is a package designed for VIP Ninja, there are 10 VIP Diamond Pack on sale, these packs contains tons of Jade Boxes (up to Level 7 Jade Box), Treasure Talismans, Channeling Scrolls, and S Weapon Enhance Talismans. These Items in the Pack are a very vital key for you to become a Hokage!

The Lucky Cat Event

Ever heard of the Lucky Cat, this Cat rumored to be a symbol of good luck and is proven to give the owner a good luck. Here in “Treasure of Akatsuki” we will summon these Lucky Cats to help our Shinobies. There are 3 Lucky Cats, each of them contains Gold Bonuses that you can claim Daily, up until 20th January 2014, and requires different amount of recharge to unlock the bonus. You only need to single recharge 800/2000/4000 gold to receive 50/250/500 gold bonus. And beside of gold, the Lucky Cat will also give you Treasure Talismans and Channeling Scrolls. Interesting isnt it?

Superb Single Recharge Rewards

During “Treasure of Akatsuki” Event, up until 20thth January 2014, you will get not just gold by recharging, but also tons of Superb Items to help you defeat your rivals in Anime Ninja world, such as Gold Souls, Large EXP Scrolls, Channeling Scrolls and Treasure Talismans. The greater the amount of Single Recharge, the greater the amount of these items you will get. this only works for Single Recharge, which means you cant get rewards for 500 – 999 Gold if you recharge 250 Gold twice ~ oh and another thing, we also provides you with Prestige and S Ability as the rewards! Clock is ticking ~

Accumulative Recharge Bonus

Still not satisfied with the Superb Single Recharge Rewards? Don’t worry Shinobies, you can get more rewards through this event. You only need to Recharge any amount of gold, the amount of gold that you have recharged will be accumulated and you will get rewards based on the accumulated amount of gold that you have recharged.
For Example, if you aim to get Rewards for 5000 Gold Accumulative Rewards, you can get it by recharging 2 times 2500 Gold, 5 times 1000 Gold, and so on, easy, isn’t it? And the rewards for you Shinobies will be Common Material Chests, Silver Cards, Channeling Scrolls, Treasure Talismans, S Weapon Enhance Talismans, and also Jade Boxes up to Level 9, these rewards will be very useful to beat your Rivals in Anime Ninja. With these rewards, you are unstoppable!